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The Queen Bee Dream Display Tank

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

As many reefers know, you can always go bigger and better. Bigger tanks, bigger equipment, more automation. It never ends. Something about a big show tank has always been a dream, but never feasible in tiny apartments and lackluster homes. We have either not had the space or not had the time. Finally, as we entered into 2021, we had both. Thus, the Queen Bee was born.

The Queen Bee was designed to be a powerhouse. I wanted it to capture the room and demand the attention of all who surround it. It will stand 10 feet long and 18 inches high. With this length, there is plenty of room for tangs, shoals, and invertebrates galore. The design for this tank was solely based on my arm length. I wanted to be able to touch the bottom with my hand and the 24 inch standard was not cutting it.

Since I needed a shorter reef, I worked closely with Plant Aquarium in Texas to ensure that the custom tank was exactly to my liking. I added important features like an all black background, numerous return and drain lines and a euro-braced rim for added strength. I was not about to spend all this money for the water to end up on the floor. The design groundwork began on the first of May 2021 and was finally approved for final production on the first of August 2021.

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